GMI Studios is an indie animation studio. We want to make content ourselves, and marry the studio model to the content it creates. The full vertical.

Whatever we decide to do - we're GMI (Gonna Make It).

A teeny tiny team of 6 animators, editors, writers, makers, and maybe you one day.


Jeremy J
Jeremy worked with some incredible individuals from entertainment to tech and is now working on his dream of creating a studio that produces enjoyable content for collective experiences.
Tempo T
Tempo is a giga-brain AI engineer that implements technicals and strategy behind GMI studios. Published lead AI engineer and developer with hundreds of citations. He shelved his technical background to pursue his passion of creating and consuming animated content.


Aranz P
Illustrator + UX Designer
Aranz works in Figma and Unity to design games and create their visual identity.
Kibi Y
Illustrator + Animator
Kibi creates our game animations and character illustrations.
Lewie B
Project Manager / Developer
Lewie previously worked on establishing games and smart contracts, here he works full-stack with web apps, games, and innovation.
Mickey O
Unity Game Programmer
Mickey is an expert in Unity, helping design game screens and creating game logic.
Nico J
Animator Supervisor
Nico is passionate about all things animation, he specializes in 2D Hand Drawn animation and brings the whole team to meet his level of passion.
Lucy W
Animator and Background Artist
Lucy brings her passion for animation and art to help create short stories in 2D.
Britney L
Design and Storyboard Artist
Britney helps direct and bring scripts to life with her storyboards.

Join us

We're always on the lookout for new talent. Feel free to reach out to us at