GMI Studios is a creative technology company, innovating with Web3 & NFT’s. Here, possibilities are taken, tried, tested, touched, tasted and twisted. GMI has no fear of the impossible, we see the world differently and dare to make things that no one has ever tried before.

We constantly ask ourselves “what if?”, at every moment of the day. Because whatever that possibility is, WAGMI.

We’re best known as the creators of Deadheads, but we’re involved in a wide range of projects and collaborations. Right now we’re a team of 20 animators, editors, writers, makers, doers and thinkers, and growing! We’re innovating right at the forefront of Web3 technology, building the future.


Jeremy Jenson
Jeremy is a technoculture optimist enjoying WEB3 and fortunate enough to have worked with some incredible individuals from entertainment to tech along the way.
teMpo is a giga-brain AI engineer that implements technicals and strategy behind GMI studios. Published lead AI engineer and developer with hundreds of citations.


Project manager / Dev
Squirt11e previously worked on UX development with Apple and Netflix and helps guide all WEB3 implementations.
Lanett Grant
Head of Operations
Head of Analytics Product Office and Data Quality in the Clinical Research Organization. Art collector helping GMI Studios connect the dots.
Bennett Phillips
Partnerships Advisor
Bennett is on the business development team at Unstoppable Domains and a DeadHead maxi. He advises GMI Studios on partnership strategy.
Chris Cozzolino
Head of Growth
Chris is the Founder of an Account-Based Marketing firm, drawing from experiences in Instagram Growth, Influencer Relationships, and overall Business Development.

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